Legislation and Regulation - Supervision

Supervisory legislation

State Ordinances:

  • State Ordinance on the Supervision of the Credit System SOSCS (in Dutch English);
  • Ministerial regulation of April 16, 2009, for the implementation of section 48, first paragraph of the SOSCS (in Dutch), (in English);
  • State Ordinance on the Supervision of the Insurance Business SOSIB (in Dutch English)
  • State Decree on the supervision of insurance brokers (AB 2014 no. 6);
  • State Ordinance on the prevention and combating of money laundering and terrorist financing (AML/CFT State Ordinance) (in Dutch English)
  • State Decree Captive Insurance Companies (AB 2002 no. 50) (in Dutch), (in English);
  • State Decree Representative Insurance Companies (AB 2003 no. 12) (in Dutch),(in English);
  • State Ordinance on Company Pension Funds (SOCOPF) (in Dutch);
  • State Ordinance Supervision Money Transfer Companies AB 2003 no.60 SOSMTC (in Dutch English);
  • State Ordinance on the Supervision of Trust Service Providers AB 2009 no. 13 (in Dutch English).